Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cameron's first train ride!

So many fun things to see out the window!

The middle must be eaten first!

Enjoying Oreo, after the middle is gone.

Cameron loves trains, especially the one Daddy rides on. Since Kateylyn had a dance performance in Salt Lake at the Jazz game, Cameron and I went to the rehearsal and then took the "Front Runner" back home. Man was it ever fun! Nothing like the look on a little boys face riding on his first train. We saw so many fun things out the window, big trucks, other trains, even horses. Having a snack when you are sitting on the top level at a table seat is a must. Mom provided and yummy snack pack that needed to be finished. The pictures in now proof that every kid will open a Oreo and eat the middle first, even without milk. Thanks for the adventure Cam, Grandma will never forget it!

Fun times with Katelyn and Cameron

Spending time with my grandchildren is precious time for me. They keep me busy with all the fun adventures we can come up with. Aunt Jill gave Katelyn a fun new game for Christmas called "Hullabaloo" and it is so fun to play. The best part is when I get too tired I can just run the game. You have to follow the recorded instructions. You move to different game pieces on the floor and freeze when directed so see if you win. They look so cute when the "freeze" Even Cam can play this game.

On one of the recent visits we went to a fun family place in Kaysville called "Boondocks". Wow did I over estimate how many great things were there to catch the eye of a two year old. We went to play mini bowling. Katelyn loved it, Cameron was over it after about three balls. Katelyn was happy to take his turn and after a short time we were ready to move on. We checked out all the fun games ( when your feet won't reach the pedals it is really fun to just pretend like you are driving. That won't last forever.) We had a blast but Grandma came home very tired! Next time we will go during a more quiet time of day.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cameron is 2 years old!

Blowing out the candles is the fun part, but not a easy as it looks!

Nicole always does a great job on the cake. They sure look better than any I ever did!

We helped purchase a new swing set for Cam's birthday. He and Katelyn loved it! The first day Cam would not try anything but the swing. By the second day, in effort to show off for Grandpa Alan, he tried the slide and loved that too. I am sure soon he will conquer the whole thing and Mom will find him one day sitting on top of the bars.

I never met a kid that did not like water and Cameron and Katelyn are no different. Grandpa George has a hose with ready water anytime, as long as you can squeeze the handle. And Cam can! Grandpa got his car, driveway and tomatoes a good watering! You have to be quick or you to could be watered.

Katelyn decided to get on it and they had fun filling up a toy wheel barrow and then dumping it.

Playing outside with the kids is a favorite activity of mine. Can't resist a picture of my cute kidos sitting on top of a play house. Don't you just love those smiles?

When it is 90 degrees outside the best treat is a Popsicle. On this day Katelyn managed to devour two, Cam loved his but could only do one.

Monday, May 18, 2009

We found another park!

I hope this is not too many park pictures, but I thought they were so cute. When we found this park we were actually a little lost. We were going to another park the kids liked but somehow I got lost so we found this one instead. We had the whole place to ourselves for a bit and then these little kids came, At first I think Cameron thought they were invading our park but quickly found it fun to play and watch the others. Aren't they just so cute!!
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May 2nd 2009, time to work in the yard and celebrate Grandpa Merls birthday!

Glade and I took a quick trip to Utah to see the Grand kids and celebrate Grandpa Merl's 90th birthday. He looks great for 90 and still lives on his own and manages just fine. We took the grand kids with us so Marty and Nicole could do some major yard work. It was pretty rainy but we enjoyed having lunch with Grandpa and sharing his birthday cake.
Nothing kids seem to like better than playing in the dirt. Nicole was trying to clean out some of her flower beds and the kids thought they would help out. I say encourage that, they will soon enough figure out it is work and not play!

My Mom has a swing on her deck and the kids love to swing on it. It is a main attraction, especially when it is a little to cool and wet to play on the grass. I have a swing on my patio, but it doesn't get frequented by the kids nearly as often. I will take swinging with them any time, any place.
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At the park with Cameron and Katelyn

These pictures are from about two months ago. It was a nice early spring day and we just could not resist going to Barnes park in Kaysville. The kids loved the ducks but since it was a spur of the moment trip we did not have bread for the ducks. They did not seem to mind, the playground was so fun and Cameron loved being able to just run and explore. I wish I could do this once a week. Time with them is so precious!
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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Snowy days and good times in Utah

The snow was just too much resist! We took two days to play out in the snow, the first the snow was not good for making snowmen but the next day it snowed a lot and made for great snowballs, it was our first time to show Katelyn how to roll the snow to make a good snowman, and we are all proud of our efforts, even Cameron helped!

Katelyn loves to hang out with me while I get my hair and makeup done. She thought it would be fun to try a little on her. Don't you think she did a great job. Just about ten years to practice and she should be good to go. Not bad for four years old!

Needless to say these little kids have our heart completely! Cameron is talking so much and is very good at his actions to get you to understand what he wants. Of course he has the word NO! down really well. We spent the weekend ( Grandma always takes a few extra days) playing, laughing and marveling at how smart they are. Thanks for the great weekend. We just can't get enough and we miss them every day we are part. We love you all!